Applied and Computational Mathematics (ACM)

Index Analysis

DAEs are no ODEs. Actually, Differential agebraic equations (DAEs) are a mixture of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and algebraic relations. This may create difficulties, which are not seen at the first sight. The analysis shows that due this mixture hidden differentiation might occur. Recalling from analysis that differentiation is not an unbounded operator, such a process is much more difficult to handle than the integrals used for solving ODEs. E.g. imagine a sinosoidal signal of small amplitude but with high frequency, such as a numerical error, the derivative is of much larger magnitude.

Clearly, the more derivatives involved in the exact solution of a DAE, the more one needs to be careful in numerical computations. The index is a measure for this difficutly. That is why it is important to know the index before simulation.

Group members working on that field

  • Andreas Bartel
  • Michael Günther


  • Giuseppe Ali (Academia)
  • Sascha Baumanns (Academia)
  • Caren Tischendorf (Academia)

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