Applied and Computational Mathematics (ACM)

Thermal Coupling

The performance of high-tech circuitry such as processors and power devices also largely depends on the thermal level. Semiconductor devices loss their ability of fast switching if the temperature increases to much. Furthermore after a critical temperature is reached the device will be destroyed. Therefore monitoring temperature and regulating cooling are important issues.

In our research, we set up simulation models for semiconductor equations and integrated circuits, which incorporate transient temperature changes in the device and heat conduction between devices. That is an electric network as well as semiconductor equations have to be equipped with an appropriate model for power transfer and heat conduction.

Since this multiphysical problem of coupled electric networks and heat conduction exhibits widely separated time scales, not only the model but also the numerical algorithms need be design to enable fast simulations. Multirate cosimulation is an good choice if the coupling is appropriately set up. Please see also: (Coupled DAEs).

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